October 25, 2021

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The best Verizon Business deals for September 2021

Whether you’re operating a large or small company, this week’s best Verizon Business deals offer some excellent ways to save on both devices and internet packages. While options, on the whole, tend to be a little bit more limited than the standard consumer Verizon deals, there are still tons of ways to save more than a few bucks here or there – especially if you’re a new customer.

For example, Verizon Business deals on phones are particularly good if you’re porting in from another carrier and also have an older device ready to trade in. Under these terms, it’s actually possible to get several of the latest flagships from Apple and Samsung for free depending on the value of your trade – a significant saving that’s definitely worth considering. If trade-in rebates are out of your reach, then no worries – there are also plenty of other options for saving, including straight-up online-only discounts, which you can check out just below.

We’ve also rounded up this week’s best Verizon Business deals for other devices, including tablets and Chromebooks, as well as the latest promotions on the company’s Fios internet service too. Savings on non-phone devices aren’t quite as good as those on handsets this week, although you don’t technically have to trade-in or be a new customer to be eligible for most discounts. Either way, they’re definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for more cellular computing devices like LTE tablets or Chromebooks.

Verizon business deals: phones

Apple iPhone 12 series: get up to $1,000 off with an eligible trade-in, switch and new plan
Verizon Business deals this week include the option to bag all four of the new iPhone 12 series devices with a maximum discount of up to $700 with a trade-in, plus an additional $300 credit if you’re switching over from another carrier. Combine both these savings to bag a device for free, or simply get a lesser discount with just a trade. Note, switching credit will only be paid after 2 to 3 billing cycles and this deal is only eligible on a limit of up to 10 trade-ins at a time. Available on the 12 Mini, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max.
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Samsung Galaxy S21 series: get up to $1,100 off with an eligible trade-in, switch and new plan
Those same excellent 5G flagship trade-in offers are also available on the Galaxy S21 series with this week’s Verizon Business deals. Trade-in a device and get an S21 series device on a new plan to score yourself a saving of up to $800, or supplement that discount even further by porting your number in from another carrier to save an additional $300. Note, this offer is eligible for a maximum of 10 trade-ins (new lines) at a time, and transfer credit is paid after 2 to 3 billing cycles. Available on the S21 Plus and S21 Ultra.View Deal

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3: buy-one get-$1000 off second with eligible unlimited plan
Verizon Business deals include the option to score a nice little promo on the Galaxy Z Fold 3 – the latest foldable device from Samsung. Pre-orders are open right now for an August 27th and you can get yourself a whopping $1,000 off a second device if you purchase the first outright with a new line on the Business Unlimited, Unlimited Plus, or Unlimited Pro plans. Averaged out, that’s just $1,349 for two devices.View Deal

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3: buy-one get-one free with eligible unlimited plan
And, there’s a second new foldable device from Samsung that’s just hit the market – the Galaxy Z Flip 3. This one’s more of an old-school clamshell type design, but make no mistake it’s still an extremely powerful flagship device. Plus, costing just $999 at launch means you can get yourself a second device on the house when you purchase the first outright with a new Business Unlimited, Unlimited Plus, or Unlimited Pro plan.View Deal

Motorola One 5G UW ace: free with eligible trade-in and new plan
If you’re looking for 5G on a budget you could consider the latest Verizon Business deals on the Motorola One 5G. While costing around $300 upfront, all customers (both new and existing) can instead score this device for free with a trade-in and new plan. While not quite as fancy as the Galaxy S21, this device is much more accessible and features plenty of power, full 5G connectivity, plus a large capacity battery that’s more than capable of two days’ charge at a time.
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Apple iPhone 11: get $300 off when you buy online
If you’re willing to forgo those 5G data speeds then you could also consider the slightly older iPhone 11 with this week’s Verizon Business deals. While not quite as fully featured or powerful as the latest 12-series devices, the iPhone 11 is available with a straight-up $300 discount if you purchase it online with a new line. Note, no trade-ins are needed here, which makes it a slightly more accessible option versus the promotions on the latest flagships. 
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Apple iPhone SE: free with a new line
Even cheaper still is the iPhone SE – a fantastic budget device that’s available for free with a new line with Verizon Business’ latest promotions. Again, no trade-ins are needed here, although you will need to pick up this device on the Business Unlimited plan or higher to be eligible for this promo.
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Bring your own device: save up to $20/mo for 18 months when you switch
Alternatively, forgo a new handset completely and simply bring your old device over to Verizon Business. Firstly, check your device is compatible and then port your number over while picking up a new plan to get your discount. Currently, the savings are $10 per month for the Business Unlimited plan and Unlimited Plus plan, and $20 per month for the Business Unlimited Pro plan. 
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Verizon business deals: other devices

Apple iPad 10.2 (2020): $100 off over 24 months with plan
The standard 10.2 Apple iPad is a great choice if you’re looking for a reliable iOS device for your business that’s great for the basics, has plenty of power, good battery life, and looks great too. Easily the best value iPad in the range, you can save yourself a whole $100 on an LTE device (normally $459 each) if you purchase one online and with an eligible plan worth more than $19.99 per month. 
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Apple iPad Air 4 (2020): $100 off over 24 months with plan
If you think your business needs an iOS tablet with a bit more power, however, then consider the iPad Air 4. These stunning tablets are one of the latest in the range and feature a more powerful chip inside, a gorgeous display, and a solid camera system too. While a bit pricier (starting at $729), you can save yourself a nice $100 when purchasing one with a new 24-month plan online.
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Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ 5G: $100 off over 24 months with plan
It’s not only iOS tablets you should consider with this week’s Verizon Business deals, however – those same online discounts are also available on a number of Samsung tablets. Our top pick is the Galaxy Tab S7+, a very pricey Android indeed, but one that’s absolutely packed with power and top-end features for productivity. This premium tablet not only has full 5G cellular capability, but an extremely high-end AMOLED display, S-Pen compatibility, and enough power to give most laptops a run for their money.
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Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite: save up to $150 with an eligible trade in
If your business simply needs basic tablets that will get the job done, then you could also consider Verizon Business’ latest promotion on the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite. These nifty little 8.7-inch devices pack in plenty of power for the basics, plus enough battery life to keep going all day long. This week’s promotion can also score you up to $150 off with a device with an eligible trade-in, meaning you could be looking at paying just $50 for a brand new tablet.
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Samsung Chromebook Plus: $300 off over 24 months with plan
For an all-in-one device for handling tasks on the go, you could consider the Samsung ChromeBook Plus. This 12-inch Chromebook features full LTE compatibility, 32GB of expandable storage, and a fairly powerful Intel Celeron chip that’ll power through the basics. It’s also fully convertible for use as both a tablet or a laptop, plus, right now you’ll also get a whopping $300 off if you purchase it online with a 24 month plan.
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Verizon business deals: plans and internet

Verizon Fios Gigabit connection: new customers get $500 prepaid Visa card
Upgrade your business to Verizon Fios’ top-of-the-line Gigabit internet and voice package and you’ll score a $500 prepaid Visa card on the house. This promo is eligible with a two-year agreement and for new customers purchasing online only, though Verizon does offer extra credit to cover early termination fees. The fiber optic options available may also depend drastically depending on your location too.
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Verizon Fios 300/Mbs connection: new customers get $400 prepaid Visa card
If you can’t get a fiber optic connection in your area, then you can also get a decent new customer bonus on a standard Verizion Fios connection this week. Simply set your business up as a new customer online with Verizon’s mid-range 300/Mbs connection and you’ll get $400 Visa prepaid card on the house.

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