October 19, 2021

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Microsoft Kicks Off New Licensing Product with SharePoint Server Subscription Version Preview — Redmond Channel Partner


Microsoft Kicks Off New Licensing Product with SharePoint Server Subscription Edition Preview

SharePoint Server Membership Version, a new product or service bought by subscription, was released as a preview on Monday.

New options in the SharePoint Server Subscription Edition solution were being briefly described by Monthly bill Baer, a Microsoft senior products advertising manager for SharePoint, in this Tuesday announcement. However, the perhaps essential licensing and support variations affiliated with the subscription design were not described.

‘Continuous Updates’
Microsoft is promising that SharePoint Server Membership Edition will often be up to day. Product or service updates nonetheless want to be put in by IT execs, but Microsoft implied it may be simpler to do it.

Here is how Baer expressed it:

With SharePoint Server Subscription Version, you are going to stop the cycle of long and costly major edition upgrades to get new characteristics and stay in assist. Microsoft will produce our most recent innovations to customers by means of updates that can be installed on your SharePoint Server Membership Edition farms.

The program bits of SharePoint Server Membership Version get installed at a customer’s facilities, and Microsoft designed it towards that use circumstance.

“SharePoint Server Subscription Version has been built about the exceptional demands of on-premises scenarios, delivering the protection, reliability, and administration advancements specific to individuals wants,” Baer indicated.

New Characteristics
The new SharePoint Server Subscription Version products will gain by working with Transportation Layer Protection (TLS) 1.3 by default, or at the very least TLS 1.2. Even so, to get its encrypted traffic positive aspects, organizations will will need to use Windows Server 2022 with the item.

SharePoint Server Membership Version provides support for the OpenID Join (OIDC) 1. authentication protocol, which can make it simpler to enforce procedures on shoppers prior to accessibility, these kinds of as requiring multifactor authentication and setting conditional accessibility preconditions. The OIDC 1. help allows “authentication with identification vendors, these types of as Azure Lively Directory (AAD), Active Directory Federation Providers (Ad FS) 2016 or bigger, and 3rd-occasion identity companies that apply the OIDC 1. protocol,” Microsoft explained in this new characteristics document.

Microsoft dealt with an concern with the People Picker element in the SharePoint Server Membership Edition when working with SAML 1.1 or OIDC 1. as identification providers. Formerly, corporations have had to publish a tailor made statements service provider in C#. A custom promises company is not needed with the SharePoint Server Subscription Edition products, nevertheless.

Merchandise Updates from SharePoint Server 2016
Customers of SharePoint Server 2016 or later can upgrade to SharePoint Server Subscription Edition.

Consumers of earlier editions of SharePoint Server would initial need to have to up grade to SharePoint Server 2016 or SharePoint Server 2019 in buy to make the hop to SharePoint Server Membership Version.

Program and Components Specifications
SharePoint Server Subscription Edition will demand working with Home windows Server 2019 or Windows Server 2022, either Conventional or Datacenter edition, according to this Microsoft document on application needs. Both Server Main and Desktop implementations of people Home windows Server goods are supported.

SharePoint Server Membership Edition server farms will have to have to be located these kinds of that they have “a really regular intra-farm latency of <1 ms one way, 99.9% of the time over a period of 10 minutes." Additionally, the "bandwidth speed must be at least 1 gigabit per second," per this Microsoft document on hardware requirements.

SharePoint Server PowerShell
Users of SharePoint Server Subscription Edition will need to install SharePoint Server PowerShell via a module, rather than a snap-in. It’ll make the commandlets “automatically available in all Windows PowerShell consoles.” Moreover, help content will be downloadable from the Internet.

Oddly, though, organizations will still need the old Windows PowerShell.

“The SharePoint Server PowerShell cmdlets will continue to require Windows PowerShell,” Microsoft explained in its new features document. “These cmdlets will not be compatible with PowerShell Core 6.x or PowerShell 7.x.”

No Licensing or Support Details Disclosed
SharePoint Server licensing typically hasn’t been purchased via recurring subscription fees. Organizations using the server paid once for a license that had 10 years of product support under Microsoft’s Fixed Policy.

In contrast, most subscription-based Microsoft products follow the Modern Policy, which lacks long-term support assurances from Microsoft. The Modern Policy offers 30 days (at best) advance notice of major product changes and sometimes just three years (at best) of patch support.

Microsoft last talked about shifting its new application server products to a subscription model back in October. At that time, nothing said about licensing or support under the new and coming subscription model. The subscription model change is not just for the next SharePoint Server product. The next Exchange Server, Skype for Business Server and Project Server products are also designated to be sold by subscription.

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