July 2, 2022

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A glance back at what was coming with COVID-19

Eighteen months ago, I wrote the initial of numerous columns on COVID-19 and the impact it could have on small business. In thinking about what to create about this week, I revisited “Viral Meltdown, and the effects it could have” (March 16, 2020) and decided to republish it this 7 days. The degree of precision is uncanny. You should hold in intellect that there ended up only 1,250 cases and only 625 deaths at the time in the United States.

“Viral Meltdown” is the smaller business title I have attached to my viewpoint on feasible concerns concerning coronavirus (COVID-19) and the impression it could have on you and your business enterprise in the coming times, months, months and potentially many years.

As of currently, there has been considerably in the way of miscommunication and uncertainty with regards to wellness outcomes, quarantine problems, organization supply chain delays and closures, etc. For the official word go to coronavirus.gov.